Sunday, September 18, 2011


Namiey made Nami and Kuru sing Gekokujou, thank you! She changed the lyrics from Kagamine Ikka to Utaune Ikka :D Here are the lyrics changed to
Kagamine Len > Utaune Kuru
Kagamine Rin > Utaune Nami
Midori > Pinku
Miku > Teto

Namiey upload to Youtube and use UST by Dachorganisation

And here's the version i mix by using Masao's ust and uploaded to Nico. And of course i ask Namiey's permission if i can use my mixing and her art collab for it. Thank you!

Song can be download here by just clicking the Arrow button :)
Gekokujou by Nami and Kuru by Sound_Waves

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