Sunday, September 25, 2011


Have to say thanks to Nilla and Masao that finally Nami able to sing this song!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Namiey made Nami and Kuru sing Gekokujou, thank you! She changed the lyrics from Kagamine Ikka to Utaune Ikka :D Here are the lyrics changed to
Kagamine Len > Utaune Kuru
Kagamine Rin > Utaune Nami
Midori > Pinku
Miku > Teto

Namiey upload to Youtube and use UST by Dachorganisation

And here's the version i mix by using Masao's ust and uploaded to Nico. And of course i ask Namiey's permission if i can use my mixing and her art collab for it. Thank you!

Song can be download here by just clicking the Arrow button :)
Gekokujou by Nami and Kuru by Sound_Waves

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wave Sounds

Another Nami original! Thank you very much to headfon-san! This video was uploaded like early morning yesterday xD
Composed by へっどふぉん (Headfon-san)
Guitar by 107
Illust by me (Nami-mi)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kiki Nami

Its a project held by DahliaP! more like 14 people participated for the project. It has been divided by 2 parts. Illustrator and UST maker. Watchers have to watch the video and guess who done for each part C: The answers already up on 4th September and i forgot to post about it. Sorry!;;;

Here's the video where everyone working hard for the project! Its really nice to collaborate with a lot people for it C:

Here's answers to each part >

Thanks to DahliaP for holding such project!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sorry for being idle from updating || Kuru's ACT2 || Nami's Alternate Design

Really sorry for havent update this blog for awhile i have been busy and lazy to do anything /slapped

Well anyway, 4th Sept already passed. I would like to thanks to everyone who have been wishing me and my UTAU's birthday ;u; Even more surprising me, Ren got his own original song and it was uploaded on my birthday, thank you very much to 高P!

This video also been uploaded for my Nami's birthday as well. Thanks to きぃち and Jade for the video!


Recently Kuru's ACT2 has been uploaded. His voicebank can be download here : Utaune Kuru ACT2

And i also redesign him and change his age and height to more fitting with his voice. He sounds good with TIPS :D

Utaune Kuru ACT 2 by =najwah-namine on deviantART


For Nami's Alternate Design, thanks alot to AYA for designing for her ;u; Now she have 2 design, so anyone can either drew her with normal outfit or her other design :)

-Alternate Design Utaune Nami- by =najwah-namine on deviantART