Sunday, July 3, 2011

7/3 Nami's Day! and updates

Na mi can be read as 7 3, July 3rd, which means today! Here's some video and art to celebrate her day :D

Nami's art made by Nilla-la, thank you Q3Q

7.3.11 - Nami's Day by ~VanillaCupcakeCream on deviantART

And here's some video made by me, ヒギンズP (HigginsP) and h.chiduha


Haven't upload this blog like 2 months? omg XD;;

Will try to update when i got the time orz
Here's some video uploaded by others (thank you!) and myself as well.

Video by Masao-san

Video by me

and there's a lot, i dont think i can go through all orz
This will be enough xD; next time i'll try update more

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